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Welcome to India's No.1 Dealership in Service awarded in 2013 - 2014.

Welcome to a Automated Workshop where we have reduced the efforts of Man Power by 40 %.

Welcome to a World Class Service Experience.


For tele-assistance, feel free to approach us at 033-6640-6640 and press 3
Periodic service

Note: All bookings has to be taken a prior one week earlier. Incase the booking has been made within a week, the dealership will allocate the service based on availability.

Success! Your confirmed appointment will reverted back to you shortly.




What's thIn the unlikely event of your YAMAHA Vehicle requiring warranty service please contact the nearest authorized dealer. We advice our valuable customers to read service and warranty handbook carefully before you get in touch with our Authorized Dealer to avoid any inconvenience.The warranty coverage on the vehicle shall be valid only if the customer avails all free and paid and bonus services from Authorized YAMAHA dealer as per Recommended Service Schedule (please refer service and warranty handbook) and only genuine spare parts are used. The customer shall ensure that each service is availed in accordance accordance with the instructions mentioned in service and warranty handbook (especially during break-in Period).YAMAHA will replace or repair at its Authorized Dealership free of charge, those parts which may be found on examination to have manufacturing defect, within warranty period (please refer service and warranty handbook).If during this period of warranty the Vehicle proves to be defective due to material or workmanship, YAMAHA through its Authorized Dealers will repair the Vehicle without charging the labor or parts value subject to terms and conditions mentioned below:The claim for replacement or repair of part (s) shall be considered only when:

  • The Customer ensures that immediately upon occurrence of the defect he approaches the nearest YAMAHA Authorized Dealer with the affected Vehicle. The expenses if any, to bring the Vehicle to YAMAHA's Authorized Dealer shall be born by the customer.

  • The Customer produces the Owner's Manual in original to enable YAMAHA's Authorized Dealer to verify the Vehicle details and servicing details. YAMAHA reserves the right to refuse warranty, if the Owners Manual is not presented or if the information contained in is incomplete or item about?


  • This Warranty is the entire written warranty given by YAMAHA for the Vehicle and no other person, including the Authorized Dealer or his agent or employee is authorized to extend or enlarge terms or this Warranty.

  • Normal maintenance operations such as Engine tune-up, De-carbonising, Fuel System Cleaning, Wheels, Brakes and Clutch adjustments as well as any other normal adjustment.

  • Consumable (wear and tear) items, i.e. Break Shoes, Fasteners/ Shims/ Washers, Gaskets and Rubber or Plastic Components, (other than tires & tubes ) oil seals, Cables electrical wiring and Electrical Items like Bulbs, filters, spark plugs, Drive Chain, Sprocket, Clutch plate, Race Bearing & Element Air Cleaner and wheel rim misalignment or bend.

  • Part(s) of the Vehicle that have been subjected to misuse, accident, negligent treatment or which have been used in conjunction with parts and equipment not manufactured or recommended for use by YAMAHA such use prematurely affects the performance and reliability of the Vehicle.

  • Use of non-genuine parts, non-genuine oil and lubricants.

  • Parts of the Vehicle getting rusty due to atmospheric effects because of Industrial Pollution.

  • Parts of Vehicle that have been altered and modified or replaced in unauthorized manner and which in the sole judgement of YAMAHA affects its performance and reliability.

  • Vehicle that has not been got serviced by YAMAHA'S Authorized Dealers as per the service schedule described contains all Free Services & Paid Service or which has not been operated or maintained in accordance with the instructions mentioned in service and warranty handbook (especially during break-in Period).

  • Vehicle used for any competition or race and/or for attempting to set up any kind of record. YAMAHA undertakes no liability in the matter of any consequential loss or damage caused due to failure of the part(s)

  • For normal phenomenon like noise, vibration, oil seepage, which do not affect the performance of the Vehicle

  • For maintenance repairs required due to misuse while driving or due to adulteration of oil, petrol or due to bad road conditions.

  • If any part of the vehicle is tampered / repaired by unauthorized persons/workshops etc.

  • For consumables like oil, grease etc. used during free services or used during warranty repairs.

  • If there is any damage due to modification or fitting of accessories other than the ones recommended by YAMAHA.

  • For claims made for any consequential damage due to any previous malfunction.

  • If there is any damaged caused due to usage of improper oil/grease, non genuine parts

  • Change in parts color due to usage of soap/detergent and/or hard water.

  • Change in color (whitening) of parts made of PP material.

  • Parts damage due to spill over of a battery electrolyte.

  • Yamaha takes no liability in the matter of consequential loss or damage caused due to failure of parts. Delay if any, for carrying out the repairs due to non availability of parts at YAMAHA dealer. Neither this shall be a ground for extending the warranty period, nor shall it give any right to customer for claiming any compensation for damages.

  • This warranty does not cover the risks like accidents, lightening, water, fire other acts of God, improper handling or any external cause beyond the control of YAMAHA.

This warranty does not affect the customer's statutory rights under applicable Indian laws, nor the consumer's rights against the Dealer arising from their sales/purchase contract.









  • Engine including Carburetor, Air Induction System and FI System.

  • Electrical parts including wiring harness.



(For Motorcycles)

  1. Air Induction System Assy.

  2. Air Screw Set

  3. All Bearings In The Crankshaft

  4. All Bearings In Gear Box

  5. All Gears In The Gear Box

  6. Arm Valve Rocker

  7. Main Axle

  8. Balancer Assy. With Bearing

  9. Bars Shift Fork Guide

  10. Boss Kick Crank

  11. Cam Chain

  12. Cam Shaft Assy,With Bearing

  13. Cap Plunger

  14. Carburetor Assembly

  15. Cdi Unit

  16. Choke Lever Assembly

  17. Clutch Dog

  18. Collar

  19. Cotter Valve

  20. Cover Chain Case

  21. Crank Case 1 & 2

  22. Crank Case Complete Assembly

  23. Crank Case Cover 1 & 2

  24. Crank Shaft Assy.

  25. Cylinder

  26. Cylinder Head Cover

  27. Diaphragm Top Cover

  28. Diaphragm Piston Valve

  29. Drain Screw

  30. Drive Axle

  31. Exhaust Valve

  32. Filter Rotary

  33. Float Assy.

  34. Float Chamber

  35. Fork & Shat Shift Cam

  36. Forks

  37. Gear Box

  38. Kick Pinion Assy

  39. Gear Kick Sprocket Idle

  40. Gear Primary Drive

  41. Gear Pump Drive

  42. Guide Holder

  43. Guide Stopper-1

  44. Guide Stopper-2

  45. Head Cylinder

  46. Holder

  47. Idle Adjuster Spring

  48. Ignition Coil

  49. Inlet Valve

  50. Jet Holder

  51. Jet Needle

  52. Joint

  53. Joint 1 Ais

  54. Joint Carburetor

  55. Key Woodruff

  56. Kick Axle Assy.

  57. Kit Start Assembly Kit

  58. Main Jet

  59. Main Switch Steering Lock

  60. Needle Assembly Kit

  61. Needle Valve Set

  62. Neutral Switch

  63. Oil Pump Assy,

  64. Pilot Jet Assembly

  65. Pilot Screw

  66. Pin Dowel

  67. Pin Float

  68. Piston

  69. Piston Pin

  70. Piston Valve Assy.

  71. Piston Valve Spring

  72. Clutch Carrier Assy

  73. Plate Thrust 1

  74. Plate Thrust 2

  75. Plunger

  76. Plunger Spring

  77. Plunger Starter

  78. Rectifier & Regulator

  79. Relay Flasher

  80. Retainer Valve Spring

  81. Piston Ring

  82. Ring Set Piston

  83. Rod Push (1)

  84. Rotor

  85. Screw Valve Adjusting

  86. Seat Valve Spring

  87. Segment

  88. Shaft Rocker 2 Nos.

  89. Shift Cam Assy.

  90. Slow Jet

  91. Spring Compression

  92. Spring Torsion

  93. Sprocket Cam Chain

  94. Stator

  95. Stop Switch Rear & Front

  96. Stopper Lever Assy

  97. Tensioner Assy. Cam Chain

  98. Throttle Position Sensor (Ytps)

  99. Throttle Screw Set

  100. Throttle Valve

  101. Throttle Valve Spring

  102. Top Mixing Chamber

  103. Valve Seal & Spring

  104. Wheel Ratchet

  105. Wiring Harness Complete

  106. Fuel Pump (Fi System)

  107. Ecu

  108. Starter Relay

  109. Cutt Off Relay

  110. Fuel Sendor

  111. Lean Angel Sensor

  112. Thermosensor



  1. Assy.Air Induction System Assy

  2. All Bearings In The Crankshaft And Cam Shaft

  3. All Bearings In Gear Box

  4. All Gears In The Gear Box

  5. Arm Valve Rocker

  6. Main Axle

  7. Bush Kick Crank

  8. Cam Chain

  9. Camshaft Assy,With Bearing

  10. Carburetor Assembly

  11. Cdi Unit

  12. Cable, Starter 1

  13. Collar

  14. Cotter, Valve

  15. Crankcase 1

  16. Crankcase 2

  17. Crank Case Cover 1

  18. Crank Case Cover 2

  19. Crankshaft Assy

  20. Cylinder

  21. Cover, Cylinder Head 1

  22. Cover, Carburetor

  23. Diaphragm Assy

  24. Plug, Drain

  25. Axle, Drive

  26. Valve, Exhaust

  27. Float Assy.

  28. Kick Pinion Assy

  29. Gear Primary Drive

  30. Gear Pump Drive

  31. Guide, Stopper 1

  32. Guide, Stopper 2

  33. Head, Cylinder 1

  34. Idle Adjuster Spring

  35. Ignition Coil Assy

  36. Valve, Intake

  37. Holder, Needle

  38. Needle Assy

  39. Joint

  40. Joint, Carburetor 1

  41. Jt. , Carburetor

  42. Key, Woodruff

  43. Kick Shaft Assy

  44. Jet, Main

  45. Main Switch Steering Lock

  46. Needle Set

  47. Oil Pump Assy

  48. Jet, Pilot

  49. Pilot Screw Set

  50. Pin, Dowel

  51. Pin Float

  52. Piston (Std)

  53. Pin, Piston

  54. Piston Valve Assy.

  55. Spring, Valve Inner

  56. Rectifier & Regulator Assy

  57. Flasher Relay Assy

  58. Retainer, Valve Spring

  59. Piston Ring

  60. Piston Ring Set (Std)

  61. Rotor Assy

  62. Screw, Valve Adjusting

  63. Seat, Valve Spring 2

  64. Shaft, Rocker

  65. Sprocket, Cam Chain

  66. Stator Assy

  67. Front Stop Switch Assy

  68. Lever 2

  69. Tensioner Assy, Cam Chain

  70. Throttle Sensor Assy

  71. Throttle Screw Set

  72. Seat, Valve Spring 2

  73. Wire Harness Assy

  74. Starter Relay Assy

  75. Sender Unit Assy





In today’s fast-paced modern world, motorcycles can be found in abundance on the roads and their density is set to explode with the passage of time. What this means for our patrons is that some of them are, at times, unable to get their vehicles serviced regularly due to the paucity of time at their end, or their inability to visit our service center for myriad reasons. To meet the basic needs of these customers, we introduced an innovative concept called Door Step Service.

  • Customers who are not able to avail our authorised network due to distance constraints can now relax because mobile unit is here. This initiative aims to provide the convenience of scheduled service and minor repairs to our customers’ vehicles, right at their door step.

  • It facilitates the convenience of vehicle repair and service without the customer having to leave the comfort of his home. The mobile unit will cater to only Free Services Schedules and minor repairs.

  • Wash, Polish and Mandatory Job Procedures are performed by our mobile unit.

  • In an effort to standardise outdoor service, the our mobile unit motorcycle is equipped with all the instant tools which are required to perform the job, it is equpiied with a Bosch Power Washer which has to be connected to a outer premise power socket as well as water outlet (both customer has to provide)

  • Door-Step Service is not complimentary. Please call: 03364506922 to confirm your distance wise charges.











Our state of art lounge, fully air-conditioned with luxary amenties  just for you where you can your favourite beverages while we pamper your Yamaha. You can have a glimpse of the entire workshop and all the bays together. You can have a glipmse of the showcased Yamaha Genuine Accesories & Merchandise. Basic amenties that are:

  • Fully Airconditioned

  • LED Television with your favourite channels


  • Electronic Body Weight Measurement Machine

  • Automated Shoe Shiner

  • Equipped Washroom

  • Lounge Attendant

  • Assistance Alarm

  • Games and Activities

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  • Three years protection against your expense on Engine including Carburetor, Air Induction System and Electrical Including Wiring Harness after IYM warranty

  • No major repair bills upto 3 years after IYM warranty.

  • Vehicle repairs from authorized IYM Dealership.

  • Genuine spare parts used.

  • Higher resale value of the vehicle through regular servicing and warranty protection .










Door Step

Note: All bookings has to be taken a prior one week earlier. Incase the booking has been made within a week, the dealership will allocate the service based on availability.

Success! Message received.



  • Any Yamaha Motorcycles /Scooters on which all free, bonus and paid services as given in the Owners hand book given with the vehicle by IYM and services as per Yamaha protection Plus booklet have not been carried out through Authorized Dealer / Yamaha Point.

  • Warranty shall not apply to any other parts other than mentioned in the parts covered list.

  • Parts of the vehicle that have been subjected to Misuse, Accident, and Negligence.

  • Treatment or which have been used in conjunction with parts and equipment not manufactured or recommended for use by IYM if in the sole judgment of IYM such use prematurely affects the performance and reliability of the vehicle.

  • Parts of the vehicle that have been altered or modified or replaced in unauthorized manner, and which in the sole judgment of IYM affects its performance and reliability.

  • The vehicle that has not been serviced by IYM authorized dealer/Yamaha Point as per the service schedule or which have not been operated or maintained in accordance with instructions mentioned in the owners manual given with the vehicle and as mentioned in the Protection Plus booklet.

  • The vehicle used for a competition or race and /or for attempting to setup any kind of record.

  • Any natural wear and tear including without limitation ageing etc.

  • Insignificant defects, which do not affect the functioning of the vehicle and it's road worthiness.

  • Any vehicle on which parts or accessories not approved by India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd. has been used.



  • This Protection Plus does not apply to Motorcycle/Scooter used of hire and reward, or for any kind of timed competition or race.

  • Motorcycle/Scooter owner, temporarily or otherwise, by a business formed for the purpose of selling or servicing Motorcycle/Scooter are excluded. Warranty comes into effect when customer pays the cost of Protection Plus and signs the proposal form.

  • The Protection Plus has no surrender value and it cannot be cancelled. The Protection Plus is transferable to new owner at the time of selling the Motorcycle/Scooter.

  • No liability will be accepted for any Engine, Carburetor, AIS System, Electrical with Wiring Harness breakdown claim notified to the Company more than 14 days after the relevant fault has become apparent. All claims must be supported by the relevant documentation. The company reserves the right to examine the Motorcycle/Scooter and subject it to expert assessment and to nominate a repairer. The result of the assessment will determine the liability subject to the claimable limits.

  • Services must be completed at the correct time/s and mileage/s. The Protection Plus holder/Customer should retain all the services invoices and relevant receipts. Failure to service the two wheeler in accordance with the manufacturer's recommended service schedule and as per schedule given in Service and Warranty Handbook will render the policy invalid.

  • The mileage quoted in no way guarantees the true distance covered by the two-wheeler, and is indicated only as a guide to when servicing is due. Failure to maintain the odometer, mileage recorder in working order or disconnecting it or tampering with it will invalidate this warranty.

  • No liability will be accepted for damage caused by neglect, corrosion, Intrusion of foreign or deleterious matter, lack of servicing, over heating, freezing due to negligence of customer of abuse by the continued use of Motorcycle/Scooter after a fault has become evident or for consequential loss or the failure of parts not covered by the Policy.

  • No liability will be accepted for any failure due to wear and tear, components incorrectly fitted and alterations/modifications from the manufacturer's specification are done.

  • If it shall be established following the receipt of the claim that the conditions of the Protection Plus as laid down have not been fully complied with, then it is here by expressly agreed and declared that the company shall be released from all liability of that particular claim.

  • If the customer and/or the authorized dealer undertakes a claim, knowing the claim to be false and or fraudulent as regards the value of the amount of work or cause of failure or otherwise, the Protection Plus shall be deemed to be invalid. Failure to comply with these formalities and conditions may lead to a refusal to pay the claim.

  • All Disputes/differences regarding to claim settlement, arising for whatsoever reason shall be subject to jurisdiction of Delhi courts only.

  • This Protection Plus is Transferable at the time of sale of vehicle and Rs.100/- will be charged by the IYM.

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