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Rider Assist Vehicle

Equipped with:

- Garmin GPS for Rider Locational Assist

- Motorola Walky with each rider co-ordination

- Tool Kit and Spare Parts

- Air Compressor

- Oxygen Cylinders and medical kit

- Full time technician assistance

- Underbody Fish plates and Tein™ Suspension upgrade to handle extreme terrain

- Customized Gasoline Storage compartment with safety nozzle.


Weekend Getaway to Bakkhali, a seaside destination in South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal, India. It is located on one of the many deltaic islands spread across southern Bengal. Most of the islands are part of the Sunderbans, barring a few at the fringes. Covered distances close to 251 Kms with 8 riders.

Weekend Getaway to Grapanchkot, Panchet & Maithan Dam in Jharkhand. A beautiful destination by the water reservoir and greenery. It's a bliss to have good riders at a beautiful destination and a day to spend over. Covering distances close to 551 kms with 6 riders and the Rider Assist Vehicle.

Annual Getaway to Sikkim. Do we need to say more ? Good roads, bad roads, extravagant nights over highways, enchanting mountains, phew ! We had it all for 4 days and 5 nights. A remarkable ride along few excellent & capable riders. We covered a total distances of 1640 Kms with 10 Riders and the Rider Assist Vehicle.

Weekend Getaway to Tajpur, made its pristine sea beach fringed with a dense forest of tamarisk trees. The beach is infested with infinite number of red crabs which play hide and seek in the sand. Sand, Sea and Relaxation is all we vouched for. Covering a total distances of 362 Kms with 8 riders.

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