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About Us


Incorporation of Private Limited Company. The first stepping stone towards a greater vision & passion.




We learned our way in. It was a entrepreneurial venture which not just sustained but grew together as Team AQUAD YAMAHA. For us growing calculates to individual growth. If the company has grown big, so have it’s team. If the company has increased turn overs, so has the appraisals for its team. We started our team with 15 members in 2009, now in 2012 we are standing strong with 57 professionals.

We believe in:

•Openly share information & knowledge

•We encourage suggestions & ideas from our team

•We believe in a team decision making and brain storming within our teams.




Means the ultimate Customer Satisfaction through Sales.

Whether it be the 1st Vehicle of the month or the 100th vehicle or what profile the client carries, receives the same & equal treatment by our team.

No matter what Yamaha it is ……….


It means to deliver World Class Service Experience through our Man Power, Infrastructure and Behavior.

With 99.2% customer satisfaction and 0% repeat Job orders, we have clients coming down for service as far as 180 kms away from Kolkata.


WIth over 100% stock accuracy and availability, we ensure to avail you with all your needs. We are committed towards our duty in getting you every mile of happiness. Stock covers over 170,000 types of different parts and inventory.

Trust Yamaha ! Trust only on Yamaha Genuine Parts.


We infused passion in to every detail of our world-class & state of the art experience center in Kolkata. The concept is a one stop solution for students, artists and all avid musicians showcasing some of the most desirable and exquisite musical instruments. A visit to our concept store allows one to see, hear, try and experience Yamaha products with our well trained support staff who will guide you to choose the appropriate instrument for your home & studio.


We expanded and marked our footprint in the smart city of Bhubaneswar. Created the better out of the best concept & opened doors to India's finest and exclusive musical experience center in the heart of city. The luxury store offer access to Pianos, Digital Pianos, Keyboards, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Drums, Wind Instruments, Personal Audio, Home Audio & Music Production Equipment to one and all - from beginners to professionals.


Yamaha Blue Square: B.T Road, Kolkata by Aquad Ventures Private Limited. A New Concept Showroom That Embodies Yamaha's Racing DNA. The BLUE representing Yamaha's global identity of Racing Blue laces itself around the external, visual and sensual elements of the place as customers assemble with any requirement of buying, communicating and exchanging thoughts on two-wheeler riding. In a unique drive to bring customers closer to the brand, BLUE SQUARE will customize digital technology to improve platform of interaction and support for Yamaha customers. The customer can experience a faster and more personalized one-to-one service.

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